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Hi-Tri Guard Fencing

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Hi-Tri Guard Fencing


Tubular Rail Design with Anti - climb Features

Tri-Guard Fencing is an innovative range of fencing and gates featuring pales with curved tops, set in clusters of three, joined by feature steel discs to create a decorative appearance with anti-climb and anti-scale Panels are up to 3.0 mt high and have Three horizontal rails -hollow Section 60x30x 2mm). Pales from hollow pipe of 19 mm , curved from top downward pointing & cut at 45 degrees to make point for get more security.

Complete system

  • Pales cut at 45dgree and curved outwards for anti-climb

  • Various mounting options including on wall, inset and free standing Unique vandal-proof panel to post connectors

  • Conforms to BS EN 1722-9.

  • Custom designs available.

  • Pale spacing conforms to Building Regulations for anti-trap.

  • Panels can be raked or stepped to accommodate sloping ground.

  • Seamless, concealed rail to post fixing.

  • Posts can be adapted to mount CCTV cameras, lighting or physical security devices

  • A complete fencing and access system

  • Welded pale-through-rail construction.

  • Suitable for almost any application from decorative and secure to highly secure

Application :

  • Parks

  • Schools

  • Public Building

  • Medium Risk

  • High Risk

Panels :

Constructed up to 2500 mm high and have three horizontal RHS rail 60x30x2 mm and pales are 19 mm hollow Round ,curved top and cut at 45 degree for each pale downward pointing to get more security.

Post :

Construction as per the panel high by using RHS 63.5 x 63.5 mm, in option of set in concrete or base plate welded at bottom

Gate :

Matching Tri Guard gates are available in single or double leaf, swing, sliding and tracked in manual operation or automatic.

Finish Options :

Products are hot deep Galvanized to BS EN 1461
Galvanized and powder coated to BS EN 13438
Only powder coating to non standard
Marine coat Coating for application near salt water

Standard colours :

Black RAL 9005
White RAL 9010
Blue RAL 5010
Yellow RAL 1018
Red RAL 3020
Green RAL 6005
Blue BS 20-C-40
Brown RAL 8017
Grey RAL 7012

Standerd Drawing: :

Standerd Dimension:




Post Size

Post Center

Set in Concrete

Base Plated

Horizontal Rail



19mm round


3.00m Center






19mm round


3.00m Center