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Security Panel

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Hi-Secure Panel

Galvanized and painted welded panel for high degree of security is essential

Introduction :

The panel are heavy welded mesh with small rectangular apertures for providing high degree of security with he most discreet visual impact on the environment . Due to the large wire diameter 4mm and the restricted width of mesh 12.7mm x 76.2mm or 20mm x 75mm several panel can be installed one above to other . Weld strength is minimum of 50% o steel strength granteed on every weld . In test performed by specialized police department, the mesh had a delay factor 40X greater then other fence products.

Benefits :

  • High security , attractive design ,long lifetime , good see-through vision , durable and easy installation.

  • Security barrier against climbers , not allowing foot or hand holds.

Application :

  • Prisons

  • Airports

  • Military

  • Boundary

  • High security area

Post :

Option :01

Post are 63.5 x 63.50mm SHS , and 80 x 80mm
SHS with high yield strength steel provide the ultimate in high security , rigidity and ease in installation and these post are predrilled with holes for fixing panel. It is provided with two type of fixing accessories.

  • 50 x 5mm cover plate section with pre-drilled hole for fixing panel . The panel are fixed to post by using the galvanized / stainless steel  (M8 x 75mm) round headed bolts and nuts.

  • 50 x 50 x 5mm fixing clip with predrilled hole for fixing panel. The panel are fixed to post by  using the galvanized / stainless steel (M8 x 75mm )  round headed bolts and nuts.
  • Supplied with a clamp bar made of flat steel 40x5mm to be bolted to the post every 400mm as well as bolt M8x40 made of stainless steel for Allen key 5.5

Option 2:

  • 120x100mm K-DAG Aluminum post with 2.60 interval with option of solar light and without solat light

  • supplied with clamp, fixing accessories,nut and bolts

Panels :

The panel or heavy welded mesh , provided with horizontal reinforcements.
Width:2.50m and 2.25m
Mesh size: 12.7mm x 76.2mm and 20mm x 75mm (H x W)
Wire diameter: 4mm

General characteristics


Unit of measurement

Internatinal norms

Wire tensile strength




Welding resistance point



ASTM-A 185-06

Zinc weight (min)


g /m²

UNI-EN 10244-2

Gate :

Hi secure panel system is supplied with matching gates using the same high security mesh infill as the fence. Single or double swing or sliding gates.

Finish Options :

Products are hot deep Galvanized to BS EN 1461
Galvanized and powder coated to BS EN 13438
Only powder coating to non standard
Marine coat Coating for application near salt water

Standerd Drawing: :

Standerd Dimension:

Coating type

Mesh size


Panel length

Wire thickness

Fence post

95% zinc – 5% aluminum coated wire

12.7mm x 76.2mm  Or 20mm x 75mm






63.5mm x 63.5mm or 80mm x 80mm or as per the extended height.

Hot dip galv.coated


Hot dip galv. And Electrostatic polyester coated





Horizontal 4mm and vertical 6mm or as needed

130 x 140mm security K-DAG aluminum fence post


Hot dip galv. And PVC coated