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Chain Link Fence

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chain link fence manufacturers saudi arabia


At Hi-Tech Fence & Steel Industry, having years of unparalleled experience in the production of Chain Link Fence Saudi Arabia.

Our fence solutions are broken down into the following categories;

  • Residential Fence
  • Fencing for Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Integrated Security Project
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Utility Companies (SWCC)
  • Government Entities - National Guard, MODA, etc..
  • SEC
  • GSM site Perimeter Fence (for STC, Mobily, Zain, etc..
  • Sub Station Fencing for SCECO, Marafiq, etc..
  • Agriculture

Hi-Tech also manufactures customized fencing solutions for any special projects. Our dedicated TEAM can turn your ideas into reality within 24hrs.

Our end to end manufacturing, large fabrication facility, products and our dedication to carry a wide range of inventory of special fence parts makes us one of the leaders in the Kingdom. Hi-Tech Steel & Fence is one of the Industry leaders and an ideal supplier for all your fencing projects.

saudi fence

o 25X25mm
o 50X50mm
o 60X60mm
o 70X70mm

 Wire Sizes (Diameter)

o From 500 MM to 4000MM

o 15, 20&25 Meters each rolls


Reliable Fencing systems in Saudi Arabia

The requirement of the fencing system can’t be denied if you value your security. At hi-tech steel, we offer the highest quality fence prepared using optimum quality raw material. Our wide assortment of fencing solutions varies in material, sizes, and designs especially when it comes to chain link fence or diamond wire mesh. These fencing systems are prepared using PVC coated wires, galvanized wires and stainless steel and best to prevent all kind of intrusions. With us, you can get high quality, heavy duty and optimal Fencing systems in Saudi Arabia that can remain intact for years and are absolutely impenetrable.

As Chain link fence manufacturers Saudi Arabia, we offer best quality reliable meshes which having been surrounded with razor-sharp barbed tape these wires offer an utmost shield against unwanted infringements. To frame up chain link fencing steel wires are interwoven which form an ideal pattern to prevent the entry of trespassers. It is hard to topple and can bear inclement weather. it allows penetration due to which it is used in industries at a progressive range. These fences are the best solution for roads, houses, industrial sites, sports yards, gardens, backyards, animal farms, construction sites, and corporate arena or during an event. With these fences, one can assure Unshakable Stability and unbreakable Security.

For a temporary solution, Temporary fencing system would be a better option which provides optimal security and requires the least installation efforts. It is easy to install remove and install which makes it ideal for short time events and construction sites.

For more details and enquiries, kindly contact us.