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Guard Rail Fencing

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crash rated fence Saudi Arabia


Guard Rail Fencing

  • Non gating, re-directive end terminal to 60 Km/h

  • Meet National Standards & Protects vehicle occupants.

  • Ideal for limited space sites.

  • Repairable after vehicle impact.

  • Specifically designed for urban environment

  • Can be customized as per customer requierment

  • Various post options-over length , base plated or cranked to suit Fixation.
  • Can be designed around any terrain

  • Suitable for almost any application from crash rated and secure to highly secure

Application :

  • Highways, Roads

  • Inside cities in crowded areas

  • Ports.

  • Dock areas.

  • Aisles, Bridges

  • High Risk & Utilities Protection

  • Manufacturing plants & warehouses.
High security round pale railing

Panels :

Horizontal Straight Rails from MS sheet thick (2:3 ) mm to form ‘W’ section in a full range of lengths 3000 mm. Curved Rail end from MS sheet thick (2:3 ) mm to form ‘W’ section in lengths up to 600 mm.range of heights from 1.0 meters up to 3.0 meters.

Crash rated fence Saudi Arabia is part of a protection program for any establishment irrespective of size, type etc. you will need fence around your property whether it is a dwelling or industrial unit, farmhouse or a park. Security fencing system could be made of wood, steel, vinyl or cement material and out of these steel has been found most appropriate fencing for any kind of home or commercial unit. Security fencing can be high fencing topped with barbed wire, anti climb, wire mesh, welded panel units, chain Link and more.

Crash rated gates Saudi Arabia will enable you to easily control the flow of traffic in to your industrial unit, warehouse, cattle farm, or government installations. Security fences are obviously united to an entry gate which is usually manned by security personnel so it becomes impossible for intruders to enter normally.

Post :

Post Section: Standard Steel post C150 x4 mm - EN 10162 –in lengths. Pitch 2000 mm from post C/C or as per customer requirement

Finish Options :

Products are hot deep galvanized to BS ENISO 1461.
Galvanized and Powder Coated to BS EN13438.

Standard colours :

[Black RAL 9005]
[Green RAL 6005]
[Grey RAL 7012].
[White RAL 9010] [Yellow RAL

Standerd Drawing: :


Standerd Dimension: