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Powder Coating Services

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We at Hi-tech Fence provide high-quality powder coating services Saudi Arabia that meet our client's delivery, quality, and turnaround needs. We start our coating procedure with an industry leading 5 stage pre-treatment system. This ensures that the product is clean and prepared for the coating procedure. The highest coating is the one which is applied to our customer products. Our professionals stem from many years of coating a variety of products for many applications. During this time we have gained a respectable wealth of experience and knowledge pertaining to modern powder coating technology.

We understand that each application may pose a unique set of challenges. This experience and knowledge enable us to provide highly flexible, cost-effective service to clients with different requirements. One of the factors in making our part price competitive is conveyor line density. By working with our suppliers and customers, we are able to design racking and masking systems that will increase both line density and transfer efficiencies. We will also provide personal advice to optimally satisfy your powder coating needs. We believe in offering the best and reliable services to our clients.

We have professional machine, a quality control procedure in place, and take pride in ensuring the total satisfaction of our customers. We provide quick turn-around and offer local pick-up and delivery services to make your life easier. We will love to offer the best power coating services. Contact us or visit our website for more information.