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Welded Panel Fence

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heras fence Saudi Arabia


We at Hi-Tech are manufacturing Welded Panel Fence Systems & Heras fence Saudi Arabia. The system of mesh panels consists of VEGA B panels and three types of posts: Alfa, Beta and Gamma. This type of fences is widely used to secure parks, public utility buildings, supermarkets, factories and sport centers. If you are into construction business you will need protection to your construction machinery and material. No amount of manned security can look after the entire construction site and protect your assets but temporary fence hire Medina system can do it. If you are a building contractor and in to fence building it is possible for you to buy her as fence Saudi Arabia cheaply from steel fabricators.

temporary fence hire Medina

The system of fences with mesh panel fences system mounted on the Alfa, Beta and Gamma posts.
Panel dimensions:

  • large meshes 50 x 200 [mm]
  • small meshes 50 x 50 [mm]
  • wire diameter 5 [mm]


The panel is pressure welded of single steel rods (horizontal and vertical). Thanks to bending, it keeps rigid and requires no additional frame support.

  • width of the panel: 2500 [mm]
  • the panel topped on one side with vertical wires: 30 [mm]
  • size of large meshes: 50 x 200 [mm]
  • size of small meshes: 50 x 50 [mm]
  • diameter of the wire: 5 [mm]
  • height of the panel: 1030, 1230, 1530, 1730, 2030, 2230, 2430 [mm]

    Welded Panel Fence

    Complete easy-to- Fences with mesh panels are the system solution which includes Vega B panels, posts and wickets, residential or industrial gates, filled with VEGA B mesh panel. The modular structure of the mesh panels allows you to fit the line of the fence to different topographic layouts assemble system.

    Double Surface Protection:
    Double surface protection (DUPLEX system) gives it the high level of protection and guarantees long-term use. Fences with mesh panels may be also available only in the galvanized version, i.e. without polyester coating.

    A wide range of colours allows you to fit colours of the fence to wood joinery or finish elements of the building.