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Wire Mesh Partition System

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Crimped Wire Mesh Partition System


Wire mesh partitions are perfect for most Tool room, GSM Core Stock Rooms, Departmental Divisions and other restricted areas.
At Hi-Tech, the Security Cages Wire Mesh partitions can also be custom made to order by our design engineers to fit any requirements.
Wire Mesh Partitions non-bearing panels, Wire Mesh Partition panels are interchangeable and can be rapidly adapted to any need. Our Wire Mesh Partitions allow for maximum air circulation, diffuses lighting for better illumination and won’t obstruct fire hose stream.
Wire Mesh Partitions are the ideal solution for any secure environment. Panels, doors and service windows can be arranged in any combination. They are attractive, economical, and quick to install and permit expansion at any time.

We are offering

  • Wire Mesh Partitions
  • Wire Mesh Railing Infill panels
  • Wire mesh Window Guards
  • Woven Wire products

Finish: Electro statically applied enamel paint (Standard Colors: Gray and Black) or hot dipped galvanized.

Crimped Wire Mesh- a Sturdy Built

Due to the increasing application of crimped wire mesh Saudi Arabia support in Oil refineries, Food processing industries, Construction work, Wastewater management etc. we have increased its production.Crimped wire mesh results in a sturdy built which can prevent all kind of infringements. The material used in preparing these meshes includes carbon iron wire, galvanized steel wire, and stainless steel wire. With us, you can get it patterned differently in multiple ways including Plain weave, Helix, Twill, Rigid cable, inter-crimp, Flattop, Lock crimp etc. The more intricate the better, the stout it will become to not allow penetration.

While weaving wire meshes we keep functionalities, aesthetics and manufacturing efficiencies in mind so as to deliver a composition that results in reflectivity and uniqueness. Used for partitioning small or large segments, these Wire mesh partition systems are highly dependable and rigid in composition. Prepared using high-quality raw material and then enameled, these meshes can withstand inclement weather, exposure to sun or rain and heavy lifts. It resists all kind of acid and alkali attack or abrasion and corrosion. Moreover, these hard to penetrate meshes act as a formidable protective barrier against theft and intrusion. These mashes can be customized in size and shapes as per the requirement.

Material Assortment
  • • Galvanized crimped mesh;
  • • Electro galvanized before welding;
  • • Electro galvanized after welding;
  • • Hot-dipped galvanized before welding;
  • • Hot-dipped galvanized after welding;
  • • Welded mesh done with PVC-coated;
  • • Stainless Steel Welded mesh;

We can fabricate and assemble it on site according to the requirement. Place your order and tell us more about your requirements.